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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope your questions will be answered within these FAQs. If your question is not here, then please get in touch with us at as we will be happy to help.

Who can become an Eryri Ambassador?

The ambassador scheme is primarily aimed but not exclusive to those who work within the tourism industry or come into contact with visitors on a regular basis, however anyone with an interest in the scheme or wishes to deepen their knowledge on all that makes Eryri exceptional are welcome to participate and become an ambassador.

What are the online training modules?

A range of free interactive online training modules have been produced to increase knowledge about Eryri National Park. This approach allows everyone to learn at their own speed, convenience and location.

Modules on different themes have been produced to allow you flexibility in completing all modules or just those relevant to you. The modules are a mix of text, images and films as everyone learns differently. The modules are –

  1. Welcome to Snowdonia National Park Authority
  2. Sustainable Tourism
  3. Yr Wyddfa
  4. Special Quality 1: Diverse Landscapes
  5. Special Quality 2: Community Cohesion
  6. Special Quality 3: Vibrancy of the Welsh Language
  7. Special Quality 4: Inspiration for the Arts
  8. Special Quality 5: Tranquillity and Solitude
  9. Special Quality 6: Extensive Recreation Opportunities
  10. Special Quality 7: Historic Landscapes
  11. Special Quality 8: Renowned Geology
  12. Special Quality 9: Internationally Important Species and Habitats
  13. Litter-free National Park and Plastic-free Mountain Status

Will the modules be focusing on specific subjects?

The modules will cover all aspects that make Eryri exceptional, with a specific focus on the 9 Special Qualities of the National Park, sustainable tourism and its importance to us in the National Park, and also a detailed look into the iconic mountain at the heart of Eryri, Yr Wyddfa.

Are any of the modules mandatory?

Yes – you must complete ‘Welcome to Snowdonia National Park Authority’, ‘Sustainable Tourism’ and ‘Yr Wyddfa’ before accessing any other modules of your choice.

Will there be different levels to the training?


  • Bronze – Complete 3 modules
  • Silver – Complete 6 modules
  • Gold – Complete 9+ modules

How many online modules do I need to complete to become an Eryri Ambassador?

In order to become an Eryri National Park Tourism Ambassador (Bronze), you must complete the first 3 mandatory modules.

Will the modules be assessed?

Yes, basic testing to confirm your learning will take place throughout the modules. The ‘pass’ score is 80%. There will be opportunities to re-take any of the modules.

How long will it take to complete each module?

On average, each module will take approximately 30 minutes to complete (although some maybe slightly shorter/longer).

Are the modules available in Welsh and English?

All the modules will be available in Welsh and English.

Please make sure you complete the whole module in the language of your choice, as we cannot guarantee to keep your scores if you swap languages.

Will there be any promotional materials available for completing the modules / becoming an Eryri Ambassador?

Yes, the following are available for free –

  • Certificates
  • Tourism Ambassador branding to use in your marketing materials
  • Pin badges
  • Stickers for doors & windows

Will there be any opportunities to go on learning journeys / face to face training to enhance the online learning?

Yes – face to face training and learning journeys will be organised to compliment the online learning and provide an opportunity for everyone to network with other Ambassadors, share best practice and feed into future tourism planning.

Will the modules be updated or new ones introduced?

Yes – modules will be updated as and when required. New modules will be introduced as required. The system will notify users when a module has been updated and if any new content has been uploaded.

Will any other online resources be available?

Yes – the website has a ‘Resources’ section where you can find a whole host of useful information and links to compliment the modules.

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