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Become an Eryri National Park Ambassador

13 Modules

Many thanks for registering to become an Eryri Ambassador. You will receive a notification every time new material is uploaded to the site.

To become an Eryri Ambassador, you must pass three compulsory modules to achieve a Bronze certificate.

The compulsory modules are;

  • Welcome to Eryri National Park
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Yr Wyddfa

When you have successfully passed the compulsory modules, and achieved your Bronze certificate, all other module quizzes will be open to you, and you can choose any module to take next.

Complete 6 modules in total to become a Silver Eryri Ambassador.
Complete 9+ modules in total to become a Gold Eryri Ambassador.

Over the course of the year updates are made to the content of the course according to the changing circumstances of the National Park. At the end of each calendar year we release a short refresher module which will bring you up to date with the latest updates to the course. For this reason all certificates are dated with the year of completion to ensure our ambassadors stay up to date. For current Gold Eryri Ambassadors, on completion of the refresher course, you automatically re-qualify and will receive a renewed certificate with next years date. For Bronze and Silver Ambassadors that would like to progress their ambassador journey, please complete further modules, and gain the next level of ambassador status.

(Links to all resources can be found in the ‘Online Resources‘ section of this website.)

TIP: Please complete the modules in the language that you started using. We cannot guarantee to keep your score if you change languages.

Welcome to Eryri National Park

Sustainable Tourism

Yr Wyddfa

Special Quality 1: Diverse Landscapes

Special Quality 2: Community Cohesion

Special Quality 3: Vibrancy of the Welsh Language

Special Quality 4: Inspiration for the Arts

Special Quality 5: Tranquillity and Solitude

Special Quality 6: Extensive Recreation Opportunities

Special Quality 7: Historic Landscapes

Special Quality 8: Renowned Geology

Special Quality 9: Internationally Important Habitats and Species

Litter-free National Park and Plastic-free Mountain Status