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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope your questions will be answered within these FAQs. If your question is not here, then please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help.

Who can become an Ambassador?

  • If you work in tourism
  • If you work with visitors
  • If you live in the area
  • If you study in the area

However anyone with an interest in the scheme or wishes to deepen their knowledge on all that makes The Isle of Anglesey a special place are welcome to participate and become an Ambassador.

Who is behind the Ambassador Scheme?

The Isle of Anglesey County Council has asked Wales Official Tourist Guides based and working on the island to write the content. They tell visitors about our island and its stories through their work on a regular basis. It has been funded by the UK Government’s Communities Renewal Fund.

What are the online training modules covering?

We are producing a range of free interactive online training modules to increase knowledge about The Isle of Anglesey. The modules focus on different themes, and are a mix of text, images and films.

The first 3 modules are:

  • Our Island
  • Our Past
  • Our Language and Culture

More modules will be added in the coming months, so please look out for:

  • Food and Drink
  • Things to See
  • Things to Do
  • Getting Around
  • Special Places
  • Holyhead and Cruise Ship visits

Do I have to do all the modules?

No. The first 3 modules are mandatory and you need to complete these to achieve Bronze Level Ambassador.

Then you may take any modules of your choice to achieve Silver and then Gold Level.

So, in summary

  • Bronze – Complete 3 mandatory modules
  • Silver – Complete another 3 modules of your choice
  • Gold – Complete the remaining 3 modules

There is no increase in difficulty through the levels, but they go into more depth on certain topics important on the Isle of Anglesey.

How many online modules do I need to complete to become an Isle of Anglesey Ambassador?

In order to become a Isle of Anglesey Ambassador (Bronze), you must complete 3 mandatory modules. You will then be able to choose which modules you take next to achieve the higher levels.

Will the modules be assessed?

Yes, basic testing to confirm your learning will take place throughout the modules. The ‘pass’ score is 80%. There will be opportunities to re-take any of the modules.

How long will it take to complete each module?

On average, each module will take approximately 30 minutes to complete (although some maybe slightly shorter/longer).

Are the modules available in Welsh and English?

All the modules will be available in Welsh and English.

Please be sure you complete the whole course in the language of your choice, because we cannot guarantee to keep your scores if you swap languages.

Our Language and Culture module (which is one of our mandatory modules required for Bronze) also contains information about the use and importance of the Welsh language in our bilingual community.

Will there be any recognition of my achievements and branding for use in my business?

Yes, the following are available for free –

  • Certificates
  • Tourism Ambassador branding to use in your marketing materials

Will the modules be updated and new ones introduced?

Yes – modules will be updated as and when required. New modules may be introduced in the future. We will notify users when a module has been updated and if any new content has been uploaded.

How will you notify me?

You will register with an email address which we shall use, with your permission.

Will any other online resources be available?

Yes – the website has a ‘Resources’ section where you can find a whole host of useful information and links to complement the modules.

Llysgennad Ynys Môn - Isle of Anglesey Ambassador

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