Flintshire Tourism Ambassador Course

6 Modules

Welcome to the Flintshire Tourism Ambassador Course. To become a Flintshire Tourism Ambassador you must achieve a Bronze level certificate by passing three modules.

There are three mandatory modules required for the Bronze certificate, and they are;

  • Welcome to Flintshire
  • Walking and the Great Outdoors
  • Heritage and Culture

When you have successfully passed the first three mandatory modules, you can choose any modules to take next.

Pass 6 modules in total to become a Silver Flintshire Tourism Ambassador.
Pass 9+ modules in total to become a Gold Flintshire Tourism Ambassador.

Each module should take an average of between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Please remember that you can stop and restart from where you left off at any time during the course.

TIP: Please complete the modules in the language that you started using. We cannot guarantee to keep your score if you change languages.