Ceredigion Ambassador Course

7 Modules

To become a Ceredigion Ambassador, you must pass three modules to achieve a Bronze certificate.

Your three modules will consist of two compulsory modules and one module of your choice.

The compulsory modules are:

  • Welcome to Ceredigion.
  • Welsh Language and Culture.

When you have successfully passed the compulsory modules, all other module quizzes will be open to you, and you can choose any module to take next.

Complete one further module (to make 3 in total) to become a Bronze Ceredigion Ambassador.
Complete 6 modules in total to become a Silver Ceredigion Ambassador.
Complete 9+ modules in total to become a Gold Ceredigion Ambassador.

Please note that you are currently able to reach the Silver Ceredigion Ambassador certificate. More modules will be added shortly, so that you can go on to achieve the Gold Ceredigion Ambassador certificate.

Before you begin, you may wish to have a pen and paper handy to make notes as you progress. It will help you at the end of each module, where there is a quiz to test your new knowledge.

TIP: Please complete the modules in the language that you started using. We cannot guarantee to keep your score if you change languages.

Welcome to Ceredigion

Welsh language and culture

Cardigan Bay

Ceredigion’s Cambrian Mountains



Ceredigion's Nature, Wildlife and Rural Landscapes