Carneddau Landscape Partnership

Work in one of these areas – outdoor activities, arts, wellbeing, skills, education? Work in the Carneddau? Join our Supplier Network!

We’re looking to support local businesses, and want to facilitate the process of tendering for suitable projects.

Over the next four years the Carneddau Landscape Partnership scheme will be releasing tens of contracts. These contracts will offer opportunities for local businesses to lead and support us on projects such as art schemes, outdoor education programmes, skills workshops, education resources, wellbeing projects, as well as numerous other opportunities.

If you are a business who operates in the Carneddau area and are interested in working with us, come and find out more about the Supplier Network!

More information

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Just before Christmas, the LIFE Celtic Rainforests Wales project reach an important milestone when it submitted its first mid-term report to the European Commission. Some of the key achievements to date include:

  • Securing contracts to manage Rhododendron ponticum on 641.4 ha of native oak woodlands designated as Special Areas of Conservation, and 2,487.9 ha of land surrounding the woodlands, therefore dramatically reducing potential seed source for re-infestation;
  • Introducing conservation grazing to circa 157 ha of SAC woodland across 5 sites;
  • Engaging with over 3,000 individuals to date, ranging from school pupils to land managers and professional ecologists.

Educational resources linked to our project video are now available on our website. We have a suite of other education resources which will be added to our website during the next few weeks. Do keep an eye out for new additions.